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10 movies that moved me in 2018

The ability to be moved in the cinema has a ratio inversely proportional to the number of movies watched and one’s experience. The effectiveness of the image in this area does not necessarily mean that we are dealing with a masterpiece, but every tear shed in a dark room full of unknown people is a special moment. Therefore, instead of classic summary of the year, I serve you a list of my ten emotions.

LUX: woman, go to war!

Second after Of Horses and Men, Benedict Erlingsson’s full-length film tells the story of climate problems that the world is facing and short-sightedness of large enterprises focused on profit and so called “progress,” not noticing the damage that is spreading around them.

XII. Sputnik Russian Film Festival – zero-distance cinema

Sergei Dvortsevoy’s Ajka is a movie that almost completely reduces the distance between the viewer, camera and its heroine. This closeness, shots from behind, stubbornly following after Ajka (Jolanta Dylewska’s camerawork) and the concentration of more and more obstacles on her path can be associated on the one hand with the poetics of movies filmed in one mastershot, and on the other hand with raw film realism.