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Mushroom spores and herb cake

When you watch a directorial debut or meet a creator for the first time, you are always risking a misfire. This can be forgiven, though, it’s a lottery. But when you go to see a movie of someone you know – even despite the warning signs – especially someone you like and value, but the film turns out to be a flop, it feels like you let yourself down.

Mr. Khavn, we will not bury the hatchet

I remember when few years ago Ruined Heart, the earlier work of a Filipino independent artist, was shown at New Horizons Film Festival. Khavn, who was present at the festival, greeted the audience with a sexist rant about the fact that all the women in the room are whores and all men are gangsters who are supposed to subdue those whores. And the poetics of this inaccurate argument and the film were calculated for a great shock.

A Woman Who Jumped Over the Fence

Before the screening of On Her Shoulders I was expecting a generic, typically sundancian, lovely-filmed (beautiful films about ugly problems – and problems which will not be cleared in this way and the picture will not be pleasant) story about another individual success (in this case Nobel Peace Prize for Nadia Murad).

This is not a typical Smarzowski

A good film criticizing the operations of any large public institution not only draws attention to the problem, but also seeks its source. What connects most of the socially-involved productions allegedly “attacking” the Catholic Church is showing corruption that has become the daily bread for this institution, something as natural as breathing.


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