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Dear Friends!

I’m starting a cooperation with Mediakrtyk (Polish equivalent of Mediacritic), which is a portal associating Polish film critics and cumulating reviews made by professionals and users alike in one place.

Based on the reviews of critics and users, an average is issued, which gives a reliable overview of the film and facilitates its selection. From now on, my reviews will also count towards the average.

On 13th November begins in Warsaw (Wroclaw edition starts from 15th November) the 13th edition of Five Flavours Asian Film Festival, and on 21st November the 13th edition of Sputnik Russian Film Festival starts. One thirteen after the other, but I hope that both editions will be enjoyable.

So until the 1st of December, I will be in another festival vortex, slowly approaching the end of the year. But – before the year is over – I hope that I will be able to start a new project which I won’t reveal yet. I hope it will be worth waiting.

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Mateusz Tarwacki

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