Would you like me to review your favourite movie? Or maybe you are interested in a specific issue from the history and theory of cinema? Would you like to get to know the career and works of a selected director from cover to cover?

I will deal with this fraction of cinema that interests you. I am also open to cooperation proposals in the field of interviewing, programming festivals, giving lectures as well as copywriting and writing prose.


Are you interested in a more personal, emotional, concrete, opinion-forming perspective? Do you need to shout your opinion aloud? I will record a podcast for you – the matter of which will be chosen by you.

I can also edit simple recordings or help you with your project.

Video essays/Short forms

Do you think video essays are the future of education? Can you spend long hours doing in-depth research on YouTube? Would you like to learn more about the history and theory of cinema? I will record a video essay for you.

I am also open to other cooperation suggestions. Do you need help in editing a showreel, musical teaser or other short video form? I’ll help you!

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