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El Camino (A Breaking Bad Movie) review

The series has meticulously built the psychological portrait of its characters for 5 seasons (Walter White’s long path to violence, Walter-Jesse relationship on the master-student axis, father-son, and these are, of course, only two examples from many), leading to a mastery of – it would seem – simple cause and effect narrative and a logical change slowly taking place inside the characters. Meanwhile, the film doesn’t have time for this.

Postcard from Hollywood 69′

In his ninth full-length movie, Quentin Tarantino returns to the idea he played before in the Inglourious Basterds (2009). Against the backdrop of real, historical events, he builds a fictional story, slowly connecting puzzle pieces together for the construction of alternative reality. Here’s how a gu

Midommar. Date With Anthropology Offset

Many words have already been said about Midsommar, the latest film by one of the leading creators of A24 stable, Ari Aster. You can focus on the analysis proposed by the creator himself, that is – as Aster puts it – “apocalyptic breakup movie”, a parabola of toxic relationships, or a grotesque film that is entering the foreground and a surprisingly apt trip towards cultural anthropology.


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