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13. Five Flavours Asian Film Festival: Fruit Chan, slums and prostitutes

Fruit Chan relishes violence in his film. Although he himself claims that his film is not anti-feminist, it’s hard not to get the impression that it is at least offensive. Heroes do not cause sympathy. This is a problem because they deviate from the norm. One is a cripple, the other a fool, the third a nitwit. It is the same different world we have met in the artist’s earlier films. This time, however, it is a world that causes more contempt than compassion or interest.

NH19: Lunar Dream

30-year-old director is balancing on the edge of reality very well. He can hypnotize the viewer, strengthen the projection-identification (3D works very strongly here), the viewer’s bond with the hero and the impression of intermingling worlds.

10 movies that moved me in 2018

The ability to be moved in the cinema has a ratio inversely proportional to the number of movies watched and one’s experience. The effectiveness of the image in this area does not necessarily mean that we are dealing with a masterpiece, but every tear shed in a dark room full of unknown people is a special moment. Therefore, instead of classic summary of the year, I serve you a list of my ten emotions.