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Dogs 3 – the last Cynics

Since Dogs could be analyzed as a mirror of the male world just after Polish political transformation, we can assume that the last part of the series, Dogs 3: In the Name of the Rules, which has just hit the Polish cinemas, will be a portrait of masculinity after more than 30 years from the memorable year of 1989.

The Cinema of Shortage – Jan Komasa’s Corpus Christi review

The Polish candidate for the Academy Award, Jan Komasa’s Corpus Christi, is a film that, at first glance, fulfills a wish for such Polish socially involved cinema that could deconstruct the society’s relations of power. A cinema that could criticize closed to human needs clergy and authorities which are traditionally caring only for their own interests. In fact, Komasa’s latest work fulfills this dream only on paper.

This is not a typical Smarzowski

A good film criticizing the operations of any large public institution not only draws attention to the problem, but also seeks its source. What connects most of the socially-involved productions allegedly “attacking” the Catholic Church is showing corruption that has become the daily bread for this institution, something as natural as breathing.


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