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Dead Don’t Die, Viewers Fall Asleep

Fans of Jim Jarmusch’s works perfectly remember the famous scene of prison break in Down by Law (1986). This scene – in which the act of escape was thrown out of the movie diegesis, and the action typical of detective story was left only to the imagination of the viewers – became one of the unwritten manifestos of slow cinema, and Jarmusch was granted the status of one of the godfathers of the trend, which soon will change cinema, returning a believe in the power of narration to the creators.

Midommar. Date With Anthropology Offset

Many words have already been said about Midsommar, the latest film by one of the leading creators of A24 stable, Ari Aster. You can focus on the analysis proposed by the creator himself, that is – as Aster puts it – “apocalyptic breakup movie”, a parabola of toxic relationships, or a grotesque film that is entering the foreground and a surprisingly apt trip towards cultural anthropology.


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