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Papicha, Made in France

Superficially, one cannot find any mistakes: the technical performance, image and sound quality, fact-based script or theme – inhumanly timed women in Algeria of 1997, when religious fundamentalism was becoming stronger – are pretty solid. But exactly this perfection is something that completely breaks the film’s credibility. The heroines of Papicha are not only written as in the American film, but also were filmed as so.

Postcard from Hollywood 69′

In his ninth full-length movie, Quentin Tarantino returns to the idea he played before in the Inglourious Basterds (2009). Against the backdrop of real, historical events, he builds a fictional story, slowly connecting puzzle pieces together for the construction of alternative reality. Here’s how a gu

Kentucky Route Zero – On the Edge of Visibility

Imagine a world taken alive from Cormac McCarthy’s prose. An isolated, strange, disturbing world in which you can feel the atmosphere of the end of the road – a bit apocalyptic, a bit of being “on the other side”, in magical space, a bit of stubborn, desperate survival in a gloomy, cruel, lonely poverty. It is a world in which the past blends with the present, in which the tragedy likes to be reminded of and relived again – like a return to alcohol addiction.